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In addition to my 1:1 services for founders, I also offer group presentations and boot camps for founders that don’t have the budget for 1:1 services. The presentations run about an hour and can be customized for any group. They are also designed for groups of 10 or more founders. The boot camp is highly interactive and designed for groups of up to 10 companies only.

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1-hour presentations

If you represent a group of at least 10 founders, I have a variety of presentations on various aspects of Pitch Deck and Pitch Script creation. Examples of the presentations include: “Major mistakes to avoid…



Examples of the presentations include: “Major mistakes to avoid when presenting to investors”, “How to structure your “story” to fully engage your audience”, and” What questions every investor is thinking when you are presenting and how to use those to your advantage.”
If your group has access to a suitable venue, then the cost just covers the presentation. I can find and organize a venue, if needed, but the cost of the venue would be added to the presentation cost. With some lead time, I can often find sponsors to cover venue cost or get space donated.
The 1 hour presentations are $500 plus venue costs, if any.

Pitch Deck Bootcamp

My bootcamp is designed for groups of up to 10 companies that either have a pitch deck or need to create one. I say companies instead of founders because companies may send more than one person if it would help to have co-founders attend as well. The boot camp focuses on the deck with the objective of having you leave the workshop with..



The boot camp focuses on the deck with the objective of having you leave the workshop with a solid draft of your final deck and the framework to edit the deck to perfection after the boot camp.

The boot camp has a strict size limit because it’s highly interactive and requires a small group to give each company’s deck the personal attention needed to come out with a strong draft version. The boot camp features tactical information that would apply to any startup seeking funding, but then goes a layer deeper into looking at the strengths and goals of each participant’s company to provide tailored suggestions. This isn’t a one size fits all bootcamp.

The bootcamp runs between 4 and 5 hours and is highly interactive. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring laptops to work on their decks in the session.

The cost of the boot camp does not include any venue costs, so if your group is part of an accelerator, coworking space or other organization that can provide space, we can hold the boot camp there. If your group does not have access to space, I work with a few accelerators that often provide space. I also work with some sponsors that may pay for a venue depending on the group.
Participants should all leave the bootcamp with a draft that maximizes their company’s story, highlights it’s unique strengths, and with notes on how to optimize the specific content on their slides.

The cost of the boot camp is $1,500 without venue costs

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