I’m Tony Clemendor

Pitch Guru & Startup Growth Coach

I Help Founders Tell Their Story, Impress Investors, & Raise Money

Is This You?

Have you been frustrated that the online information for how to create an effective pitch deck seems to be the same list of 10-12 slides, but not much on how to tell YOUR story?
Do you feel like you are getting a lot of feedback about what’s wrong with your pitch but not enough help with fixing the things that need help?
Are you having trouble even trying to figure out how to fit all of your startup’s important details, Your Team, Your Plan, Your Competition, and the Ask in just 10-12 slides?

How We Can Help You…

Make Your Pitch Deck Rock

This is for founders that have a great story and just need to have the right Pitch Deck to help them tell it.

Create a Compelling Story to Engage Investors

This is for Founders that don’t just want help with their deck, but also want to create a compelling story

Improve Your Pitching Prowess

This is for Founders that want ongoing help throughout the fundraising process

Attend a Group Education Event

Do you represent a group of founders who want a hands-on interactive workshop or a Pitch Deck bootcamp? Let’s talk.

Do you qualify for a Free 30-minute Pitch Deck Review with feedback and specific recommendations?

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“I have seen literally thousands of companies trying to raise capital and know that a great pitch deck is critical. ”

Naval Ravikant, cofounder and CEO, AngelList

Helping You Achieve Success

“Your Funding Pitch is Your American Idol Audition. Make it Great.

In the old days, you needed to “know someone who knew someone” to even get an investor to see your company.  Pitch presentations and Demo Days have changed all of that.  Now, a great pitch can open doors  you couldn’t even reach before.”

– Tony Clemendor

Founders I’ve worked with say…

“Tony has given my startup’s pitch deck incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and actionable advice. More than anyone else I have shared it with. If I was to share for feedback from one person to get the most constructive advice, I would go to Tony. Thank you for everything.”

Thomas Sobel, Founder & CEO, Brick

“There are two things I know for sure and that is that water is wet and Tony is a pitch deck EXPERT! I knew my pitch deck was missing something that would push us over the hump and I got some advice from Tony on the essentials of a great deck. That conversation shifted my perspective of how I looked at the deck. My perspective was “how can I present what my company is to the investor” and that perspective shifted to “This is a good investment and let me tell you why.” I learned things like this from Tony and about a month or so later I raised almost a half a million dollars. If you want to master the art of pitching Tony is the guy to learn from.”

Eugene Johnson, Founder & CEO, Zyrl

“This was by far one of the best experiences I have had working on a project with someone. I had Tony work on an investment pitch deck for my business in order to raise funds. What I enjoyed most about him was that he took the time to understand my business and asked tons and tons of questions to get a thorough understanding about the business. He really forced me to dig deep and challenged my thinking. The pitch deck turned out awesome and am confident that I will be able to raise my first round.”

Paul Hotze, Founder & CEO, Paris Texas Apparel

“Tony is one of the most proactive advisors I’ve ever worked with – he’s always anticipating needs and checking in with interesting research and ideas that help sharpen our ideas and focus. We don’t send out a pitch deck without getting his feedback first. He also includes a good dose of encouragement, which is incredibly valuable in the constant uphill battle of entrepreneurship.”

Emily Best, Founder & CEO, Seed&Spark

“I had the privilege of meeting Tony during the Women’s Startup Lab, as an advisor. Since then he has provided invaluable assistance perfecting my company’s Slide Deck and Investor pitch. The advantage Tony provides is ensuring you understand exactly why he is recommending the changes he does. Rather than marking up a presentation or slide deck and sending it back to you, Tony spends a tremendous amount of time going through every line with purpose and intention. His goal is to be certain his clients understand his recommendations and their rationale so they can approach future projects with the same precision.”

Laura Brookins Fleet, CEO & Co-Founder of SendaRide

About Me

I started focusing on helping Founders with their fundraising process after my partners and I sold our last startup.  I’d been advising several companies and going to pitch presentations and was surprised how often brilliant founders were making basic mistakes that derailed their presentations.

I started working with select Founders to improve their pitch decks, their presentations, and their funding strategies. It’s been a privilege to watch them successfully raise money and grow their businesses.

Today, I’m a mentor and advisor for companies, accelerators, and VC firms.  I’m also on the Selection Committee for an angel group.  Those roles give me unique insights around how to make your pitch engaging and effective.

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