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Pitch Deck + Script = Amazing

Sometimes a founder wants help with their script as well as with their deck to make sure that both work in harmony. With any presentation services, we’ll work as a team to insure that the presentation sounds like your natural style and personality. Presentation services generally involve more story structuring and content development than decks.

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Pitch Deck & Script Review, Feedback, and Specific Action Items w/phone or video discussion

You have a pitch deck. You have a script. Something isn’t working quite right with either and you can’t quite figure out how to fix it. You’ve tweaked it and it still isn’t getting the investor interest you were hoping for. With our Deck and Script review, we’ll review both and give you …



With our Deck and Script review, we’ll review both and give you feedback and advice, as well as actionable recommendations on how to address the issues.

After we send you the feedback and give you a chance to review it, we’ll set up a call to talk you through the recommendations and answer any questions that you have. During the 1 hour call, we can work together to craft new language that fits your style and talk about how to enhance the deck to maximize the overall presentation

Pitch Deck & Script Editing and Enhancement Services

The combination of your pitch deck and script isn’t getting the job done. You’ve edited both more than a few times and can’t quite get the result you are looking for and want an experienced Pitch creator to work with you to optimize your presentation. If that’s the case, then…

Starts at $499


If that’s the case, then the Editing and Enhancement service is the right level.

It’s difficult to provide a price for this service level without knowing what the starting point is. That’s why we take a look at your current deck and script before giving you an estimate. We assess the effort that we think it will take to make your deck and script “show ready” and let you know. If the estimate fits your budget and suggested timeline work, we get started.

The process is iterative and collaborative, meaning that there are several sessions along the way where we work with you to customize the script copy to fit your personal style. We also use the sessions to uncover valuable information and insights that you have that were not in your original deck or script. Generally we can get the deck and script up to snuff in 2-3 video sessions. The deck is updated in parallel with the script.

Pitch Deck & Script Co-Authoring Services

You need to put together an investor pitch and don’t have the time or desire to make a few attempts on your own. You’d prefer to save time and work with someone experienced from the start. What you do have, however, is a solid plan and a good team. I call this service “Co-Authoring” because it’s a collaborative process combining…

Starting at $2,500


I call this service “Co-Authoring” because it’s a collaborative process combining my storytelling and presentation experience with your knowledge, insights, passion, and vision.

The process starts with a questionnaire that helps me understand your company, your story, and your status. Witt that as a starting point, we will have 1-2 calls to clarify the information so that I can put together a starting draft. I will send you the starting draft before following up with a working session call. That call will be to incorporate your style and insights into the deck and script. We will likely repeat this process 2-3 times with the result being an engaging deck you love and a script that tells your story in your voice.

Follow up Pitch Deck & Script Review/Advisory calls/video conferences

This is just for founders that are already clients. We got your deck and script in great shape, then something changed. It might be a big change in your market dynamics, a huge uptick in your traction, or a pivot from your business model. If your business changes, so too should…

Starting at $299


If your business changes, so too should the deck and your script. If you want me to help with the rewrites to maximize the presentation for the new circumstances, I’m happy to help.

As far as I’m concerned you’re a client for life, not just until you raise your first funds. To make life easy, we’ll just set up a video call to walk through the change that prompted the need for the updates/edits. We can walk through the relevant parts of the deck and I can either give you guidance on how best to update, or we can work on the edits collaboratively.

The billing for this is simply by the hour. Get what you need. Quit when you’re done.

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