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Whether you have a pitch deck that needs help or you are just putting your deck together. Whether you just want direction and recommendations or if you want us to roll-up-our-sleeves and work with you.  We’ve got services to suit your needs.

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Level 1: Pitch Deck Review, Feedback, and Specific Action Items

This Pitch Deck review is great if you already have a Pitch Deck and want more than the typical 5 minutes of feedback that you get from pitch panels or your friends. I go through your deck carefully and methodically assessing the deck as a whole as well as the effectiveness of each slide, the flow of your story, and the overall impression. I then…



I then write up my critical assessment of the deck, noting the parts that are well done, the parts that raise questions, and the parts that should be enhanced to make the deck more impactful. My assessment includes notes on the overall deck as well as each individual slide. In addition to providing feedback, my report will include specific, tailor-made recommendations based on my understanding of your story/ business / industry / strengths, for how to edit and enhance your deck. Finally, the report will list suggested changes, action steps, and language to help you make the improvements mentioned in the report.

This service is simple:

    • You submit your deck via email and pay online
    • I conduct a comprehensive review on the deck slide-by-slide
    • I write up my analysis and action steps
    • I email the report to you within 3 business days

For those founders who want to follow up the review and analysis with a conversation to discuss the deck, the Level 2 review would be the better selection.

Level 2: Pitch Deck Review, Feedback, and Specific Action Items w/phone or video discussion

This is also for the founder who already has a deck and would like specific feedback, advice, and actionable non-generic suggestions based on their business / industry / and strengths. The Level 2 review is essentially the same as the Level 1 review, with the addition of a phone or video call of up to an hour to go over the report, let the founder ask questions, and to provide additional insights. During the call…



During the call, we will go through any items in the report that the founder would like to discuss in more detail. The founder will be able to use the time to ask about any changes that they made or considered making after they received the initial report. They can also ask for variations in the action steps that might fit their personal style a bit better. Lastly, the call can be used to ask any general questions the founder may have on how to improve the Pitch Deck.

Pitch Deck Editing and Enhancement Services

This is for the founder that has a deck and actually wants an experienced deck creator to work with them on the editing process and help them write copy, improve the graphic presentations, and generally raise the effectiveness of the Pitch Deck as a fundraising tool. I don’t edit in isolation. I prefer founders who are actively involved in the editing process. I believe that the founder’s passion and knowledge…

Starting at $1,000


I believe that the founder’s passion and knowledge are important as well as their personal style so that their presentation feels authentic.

The timeline for editing services is dependent on a number of factors including how much work needs to be done to the deck to make it “show ready”. A key factor in both the timing and cost of the editing process is how much and what type of input the founder would like.

Some founders have their strategy and researched all buttoned up and simply want help to present their information in the most effective way. On the other hand, some founders want help to review, assess, and assist with business strategy and research. If you are interested in our editing and enhancement service, we would have a free assessment call first to gauge the project in order to go give you a realistic quote.

The steps would be:

  • Submit your deck for review
  • Schedule an initial assessment call to determine project scope (free)
  • We work up an estimate based on the assessment call and your goals
  • We send you the estimate and you let us know if the project is approved
  • You pay 50% of the estimate online
  • We do a comprehensive review and assessment of the Pitch Deck
  • We make preliminary edits & changes to the deck
  • We send you the initial edits and schedule a call to discuss and modify with you.
  • We repeat the cycle of edit, discuss, edit, until we have a deck that is effective, supports your script well, and makes you happy.
  • Although there may be more than 3 iterative calls, you pay the remaining balance after the 3rd call.

Pitch Deck Co-Authoring Services

We finally get to the founder that doesn’t yet have a Pitch Deck and wants help from the very beginning. I don’t actually recommend this approach unless there is a severe time crunch and you don’t have time to create your initial deck on your own. I think that the process of putting together your initial deck is valuable in giving you…

Starting at $2,000


I think that the process of putting together your initial deck is valuable in giving you insights into your business and will often impact how you adjust your thinking and strategy. Consider this option to be more of an “In case of emergency, break glass” option than a typical starting point.

With my reservations being clearly stated, if you decide that this is still an option that you would like to pursue, I’m willing to help. That said, I don’t just edit. It’s the curse of being a founder myself and an advisor for many startups. I don’t want to set you up to fail, so I will be tough on requiring that your business actually have the core elements needed for a strong business.

The process would have more front-loaded information gathering. Some of it from a questionnaire that I developed to get a sense of your “problem-solution dynamic” as well as other key points about your business and team. We would work collaboratively since you are the subject matter expert. I may not accept the project if I don’t think your plan is well formed.

If you haven’t been talked out of this option yet, contact me to set up an initial discussion about your business and how much you are looking to raise.

Follow up Pitch Deck Review/Advisory calls/video conferences

Sometimes (OK, a lot), your business changes. Sometimes, something in the market changes that has a huge impact on your business. Sometimes you decide to make an adjustment in your product or a you narrow the problem you are solving. The bottom line is…

Starting at $500


The bottom line is that “things change”. When they do, your deck will need to change as well.

If something changes that requires more than a few word changes in your deck, I’m happy to work with you to adjust the deck or replace slides as needed. Once I work on your deck, I’m part of your fundraising team for as long as you feel I am still adding value. So get in touch and let’s get that deck updated.

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